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ETC Founder, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng. is a leading trainer for the septic industry in the Maritime provinces. Ms. Galloway has created and delivered training courses on soils and septic system design to public health inspectors, regulators, septic installers, service providers, engineers and designers.

ETC has been teaching the PEI Site Assessor’s Course for over five years. Kelly has also delivered courses on Soil and Site Assessments and Contour Disposal Systems for the NB Dept. of Justice and Public Safety.

Are you Interested in becoming a PEI Licensed Site Assessor or brushing up on your soils and site evaluation skills?
Express your interest and ensure your name is on our contact list for the next available course by completing our "Confirmation of Interest Survey" at this link:

PEI Site Assessor's Course

This course is periodically offered, contingent on interest and demand. It teaches participants how to use Soil Survey maps to identify site-specific issues like poor drainage or high water tables, it also covers proper test-pit techniques as well as soil analysis according to the Canadian System of Soil Classification.

It includes practical skills such as identifying groundwater tables and bedrock, conducting in-situ permeability tests, and determining soil categories for land development or septic system design. The course also guides on determining septic system requirements and when septic fill is needed, culminating in an exam that, if passed, grants a PEI Site Assessor’s License, assuming compliance with governmental prerequisites and fees.

Latest Course Announcements

ETC collecting names for the next PEI Site Assessor Course

ETC is currently collecting the names of individuals who are interested in taking the next PEI Site Assessor course. Once we get enough people who are approved by the Province of PEI to take the course, we will finalize dates and open registration. We typically require a minimum of 15

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