Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd.

About ETC

Our Story

Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC) is an award-winning engineering consulting firm and manufacturer of unique electronic devices and systems for the environmental sector. The company is based in Stratford, Prince Edward Island (PE), Canada. ETC was founded in 1996 by President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng., specializing in decentralized approaches to wastewater management.

Company Structure

Innovative Products

In recent years, ETC identified several technology gaps in the decentralized wastewater industry which were in need of a solution. Through our Electronics/Manufacturing Division (Dynamic Monitors), we have embarked on a mission to design and develop specialized electronic monitoring devices to make on-site sewage systems more effective, affordable and easier to maintain.

ETC’s Electronics/Manufacturing Division also provides product development services to external clients offering consulting, hardware and software design, through to complete turn-key manufacturing.

ETC Pask Permeameter

The ETC Pask Permeameter is a device designed to measure the field saturated hydraulic conductivity or permeability of soil and septic fill efficiently and accurately in situ. It offers a cost-effective, user-friendly, and rapid method to assess soil drainage properties.


SepticSitter™ is the world’s first internet-connected, septic tank Monitor and alarm with an early warning alert system. Helping you prevent costly mishaps. SepticSitter is protected by U.S. Patent No. 8100006, and Canadian Patent No. 2598215.


The first electronic monitor and early-warning alert system for all major third-party 6000 series mechanical indexing and distributing valves by K-Rain®, Clarus/Zoeller®, Orenco® and others. The IVM6000-LP™ Intelligent Valve Monitor™ ensures reliable designs and peace of mind, by confirming even distribution to all zones, as well as providing early detection and immediate alert of valve malfunctions.

Awards & Recognition

Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC) takes great satisfaction in its history of quality and innovation in the environmental field. In a testament to our dedication to sustainable engineering solutions, ETC was awarded the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Award in the Water Category in 2011. ETC’s innovation was subsequently acknowledged in 2009 for the Victoria Water & Waste Water Project when it was awarded the Engineers PEI Award of Engineering Achievement. We are committed to improving engineering practices and strengthening communities both within and outside of Canada.