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ETC and our projects have been the recipient of multiple awards at the provincial and national level for excellence in engineering and sustainable design. ETC has a reputation as an innovative firm which does not hesitate to depart from traditional engineering approaches when there is a better solution.

ETC’s areas of consulting activity encompass all aspects of decentralized wastewater management including:

ETC has also developed considerable expertise with technologies for rural wastewater management which are more appropriate and affordable to install and operate than conventional “big city / big pipe” systems, including:

Land-based effluent dispersal (LBED) systems

Packed-bed filter sewage treatment systems

Alternative sewer collection systems (STEG/STEP collection systems)

Composting toilets (humanure) & greywater dispersal systems.

Our Vision

The vision of ETC and its subsidiary companies is sustainable and cost-effective decentralized wastewater servicing for rural communities and developments. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

ETC specializes in the design of on-site sewage treatment systems for rural communities and developments, and in wastewater management methods and technologies which are more appropriate and affordable for rural areas than traditional “big city – big pipe” approaches.

Because the unique wastewater management needs of rural areas are often better served by our alternative collection, treatment and effluent dispersal techniques, and most civil and municipal engineers are not well-versed in these decentralized options.

  • Rural communities and private sector Owners who need an on-site sewage system that will be reliable, affordable to install, and affordable to operate by part-time personnel with basic training.
  • Rural developers who are having difficulty getting the required permits, and would benefit from our specialized expertise and award winning, green reputation to accelerate the approvals process.

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