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Registration is now open for our 2024 PEI Site Assessor Course which will be held on selected dates from July 4 to 11, 2024.
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Empowering Rural Communities with Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC) is an award-winning engineering consulting firm and manufacturer of unique electronic devices and systems for the environmental sector. The company is based in Stratford, Prince Edward Island (PE), Canada.

ETC was founded in 1996 by President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng., specializing in PEI civil engineering with decentralized approaches to wastewater management.

ETC and our projects have been the recipient of multiple awards at the provincial and national level for excellence in engineering and sustainable design. ETC has a reputation as an innovative firm which does not hesitate to depart from traditional engineering approaches when there is a better solution.

ETC Founder, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng. is a leading trainer for the septic industry in the Maritime provinces. Ms. Galloway has created and delivered training courses on soils and septic system design to public health inspectors, regulators, septic installers, service providers, engineers and designers.

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Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Consulting & Research services are fundamental components for today’s technological innovation and operational efficiency, allowing organizations towards never-before-seen levels of success.


Because the unique wastewater management needs of rural areas are better served by our alternative wastewater collection, treatment and land based effluent dispersal techniques, and most civil and municipal engineers are not well versed in these decentralized options.

  • Rural communities and private sector developers who need an on-site sewage system that will be reliable, affordable to install, and affordable to operate by part-time personnel with basic training.
  • Rural developers who are having difficulty getting the required permits, and would benefit from our specialized expertise and award winning, green reputation to accelerate the approvals process.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries you might have—we’re here to help!

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