Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd.

Meet our Head of AI/ML Research

Angus Galloway, PhD

Machine Learning Research Scientist

Angus obtained his PhD at the Machine Learning Research Group at the University of Guelph, ON and Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Toronto, Canada.

His thesis research aimed to identify vulnerabilities in AI systems and harden them for performance-critical applications. He led a multi-institution team to devise an information-theoretic framework for evaluating the robustness of machine learning models to multiple threat models as part of the DARPA program on Guaranteeing AI Robustness Against Deception (GARD). Angus serves as a mentor, research ethics, and technical reviewer, having been recognized among the top 10% of technical reviewers at the field’s main academic conferences.

As a Machine Learning Research Scientist, Angus provides contract research and consulting services to ETC’s national and international clients.

He is currently conducting deep learning-based computer vision research for automatic estimation of invasive mussel biomass and error-correction in fisheries echosounder data, both at Laurentian lake-wide scales. He is collaborating bi-nationally with research scientists in the U.S. and Canada on these projects.