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On the shores of St. Peter’s Bay you will find this private seaside retreat designed by acclaimed Architect,Thomas Moore. The previous failed septic system was located in an area with a high water table. ETC was retained to design an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing system that could overcome the site limitations and accommodate a five bedroom cottage.

Client: Thomas & Debbie Moore
Contractor: G&P Trucking and Construction
System Overview
●Category 3 lot with high water table.
●An advanced treatment system (Waterloo Biolfilter) treats septic
tank effluent to advanced secondary levels before it is dispersed
into an area bed constructed with imported sand fill.
●Tankage consisted of 2200 Igal septic tank and wet well pumping
●The dispersal bed was located in a clearing in the woods
approximately 128 m (400ft) upgrade from the pump tank.
●A total of 30 cm of Good Quality Fill was specified and 50 cm of
Approved Imported Sand under the Waterloo Biofilter shed.
Client Testimonial
“The new sewage system rescued the long term use and potential
redevelopment for a 5 bedroom cottage on the site, a major
benefit to the real estate value of the property.”
“Pumping to a remote field protected the privacy of the woods
surrounding the cottage, yet provided a sunny clearing at the rear
of the lot, accessed by a pleasant lane.”
“There is absolutely no odour off the treatment system. in fact, we
are enjoying using this area for relaxation and recreation.”
Thomas Moore

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