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Registrations are now being accepted for a course for NB licensed septic installers who wish to obtain a non-conventional license to select and install Contour Disposal Systems. The course will be presented in english and will run the third week of November 2015.

Si vous désirez suivre le cours en français, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel avec vos coordonnées à

Minimum and maximum registration numbers apply to each session. All applicants who are interested in taking the course are asked to pre-register and pay as soon as possible in order to secure your spot. Priority will be given to applicants who have pre-registered and paid, in the order they were received.

Contour disposal system
Plan view of a C3 Contour Disposal Field.

Your pre-registration form must be received asap to confirm your interest, otherwise the course may not go ahead due to insufficient numbers. Payment must be received in full by October 20, 2015, otherwise, you may lose your seat and it will be given to someone else. You may pay on-line now through our web-store at

Final confirmation that the course will proceed will be sent on October 31, 2015. If the course does not proceed, any payments received will be refunded in full.

Please fill out the pre-registration form, and send to ETC by email ( or fax (902-628-1703) to ETC.

Learning Objectives:

Test pit evaluation
Instruction will be provided in proper site evaluation techniques
  • Proper test-pit techniques
  • Determining soil texture, structure according to the Canadian System of Soil Classification
  • Identify high groundwater tables
  • Identify bedrock
  • In-situ permeability testing using a Pask constant head permeameter
  • Determine NB Soil Category
  • Select appropriate Contour disposal fields
  • Identify and test sands used in the construction of Contour disposal fields
  • Layout of a Contour Disposal Field
  • Course attendees who pass the exam may qualify for a Non-conventional System license from the NB Department of Health.


WHEN: The course will run the third week of November 2015, Monday to Wednesday, with the exam on Thursday morning. Thursday and Friday should be reserved as possible rain dates.

WHERE: Woodstock, NB (location to be determined for classroom sessions), and various field sites in the Woodstock area (your own transportation will be required).

COURSE FEE: Course registration fee will be $1250 + HST for members of the NB Association of Onsite Wastewater Professionals (NBAOWP) or $1350 +HST for non-members. Membership status will be confirmed with the NBAOWP. Registration fee includes all course materials: Handouts, site assessment reference charts and aids, water bottle for hand texturing, sand-sizes reference card, ETC Simplified Falling Head Permeameter (for testing sand fill). Payment must be received in full by October 20, 2015, otherwise, you may lose your seat and it will be given to someone else. PAY ON-LINE NOW.


  • A Pask Constant Head Permeameter and Hand Auger (for testing natural soil) is recommended, but not required to obtain a non-conventional license. The cost of this equipment is not included in the base course fee. ETC Pask Permeameter Kits are available for purchase from ETC’s Product Development Division, Dynamic Monitors. Course attendees qualify for a 15% discount on ETC’s Pask Permeameter Kit if ordered at least 3 weeks prior to the course start date. To obtain your discount, use the Pask Permeameter discount coupon code which will be emailed to you upon receipt of your registration and payment for the course. Contact ETC (1-888-747-7645) if you have lost your coupon code or need assistance.

    Field permeability testing
    Field permeability testing using a Pask Permeameter.
  • Any applicable government license fees are not included in the ETC course fee.
  • Lunch/meals are not provided.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals who wish to obtain a non-conventional system license to be able to select and install Contour Disposal fields in NB.
  • Septic system installers, engineers, technicians who wish to update their knowledge, get questions answered, and learn about new developments in the field of site assessment.
  • Those who wish to update their knowledge of site assessment and soil classification according to CanSIS/CSSC techniques which are now part of the NB Technical Guidelines.

Note: As per Section 4(3) of the NB On-site Sewage Disposal System Regulation, a license for a non-conventional system will only be issued to the person holding a valid conventional system license.

Questions? Email us at or call ETC at 1-888-747-7645. Si vous êtes intéressé à prendre le cours en français, s’il vous plaît envoyez-nous un email avec vos coordonnées à


About the Lead Instructor:

Kelly Galloway, P.Eng.
ETC President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng.

Kelly Galloway, P.Eng., is a Civil Engineer with over 22 years experience, 17 years with her own consulting firm, Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. Kelly’s areas of expertise include all aspects of on-site wastewater management.

Kelly is a voting member of the CSA B65 Technical Committee which was responsible for the creation of a new national Installation Code for Decentralized Wastewater Systems. She also chaired the Soil Absorption System Task Force for CSAB65.

Kelly has developed and delivered training courses and seminars for the NB Department of Health, and has consulted on development of NB and BC’s Technical Guidelines.

Other Information (subject to change):

  • Course is tentatively expected to run from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm for 3 days, with the possibility of a 4th day (morning only) to write the exam.
  • Passing mark for the exam to be set in consultation with the NB Dept. of Health. Course fees will not be refunded if the government denies a license due to the applicant not passing the exam, or not meeting other criteria.
  • No requests for refunds or cancellations will be accepted unless session is canceled due to insufficient numbers. If you will not be able to attend, you may substitute another person in your place.
  • ETC reserves the right to cancel course due to insufficient numbers or due to other logistical factors beyond our control in which case any registration payments will be refunded in full.


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