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Example projects completed or in progress, which illustrate our work in different service areas or for different types of facilities.

York Point On-site Sewage Servicing Study – Town of Cornwall, PE

View the brochure version here. The Town of Cornwall, PEI had concluded that the cost to establish lift stations and force mains to service the southern portions of the Town was prohibitively high. As stated in their 1997 Official Plan: “The objective would be to maintain on-site sewage systems in the area for as long [more]

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On-site Wastewater Viability Study – Town of Stratford, PE

View the brochure here. Considering its relatively short history, the Town of Stratford (Incorporated 1996) has been quick to tackle their environmental problems. This rapidly growing community had been experiencing problems with bacterial contamination of wells and failing septic systems.Consequently, groundwater quality, public health, and property values were being negatively impacted. The Town had already [more]

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Residential Septic Systems

View the brochure here. THREE BEDROOM HOME, GLENWOOD POND, PE Client: Myrna Boulter Contractor: Rodney Costain Project Objectives: ● To design a septic system that would overcome significant property challenges including high water table, limited space, wetlands and a pond located on the property. System Overview: ● Category 3 conditions with high water table and [more]

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Residential Advanced Sewage System

View the brochure here. On the shores of St. Peter’s Bay you will find this private seaside retreat designed by acclaimed Architect,Thomas Moore. The previous failed septic system was located in an area with a high water table. ETC was retained to design an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing system that could overcome the site [more]

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Long Term Water & Wastewater Servicing Study – Community of North Shore, PE

View the brochure here. The Community of North Shore (Incorporated 1974) was struggling to deal with reports of growing water quality problems in the Stanhope Peninsula area caused by coliform and e-coli bacteria and salt water intrusion. There were many residents who believed that a central water system was urgently needed. However, there were at [more]

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