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The Brudenell Fairway Chalets are located in Roseneath, Prince Edward Island. This rural development provides some of the most beautiful lodgings on PEI and required a practical, low maintenance and cost effective sewer servicing solution. The wastewater collection and treatment system is composed of three components: a septic tank effluent gravity (STEG) sewer, a mainline effluent pumping station and a pressurized HDPE leaching chamber disposal field. The most significant feature of the effluent sewer is that septic tanks provide primary treatment upstream of each connection. The effluent sewer was less expensive, easier to install and is less prone to infiltration than conventional sewers. The collection sewer drains into an effluent pumping station. Septic tank effluent is pressure dosed to an HDPE InfiltratorTM Leaching Chamber Disposal Field centrally located in a recreational area. The disposal field was designed as three separate zones. Each zone is dosed intermittently and sequentially using a
mechanical distributing value.This innovative value also makes it easy to expand the
disposal field in the future by installing additional zones.

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