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The Environmental Consulting Services Division provides award-winning solutions to municipal, governmental and private sector clients throughout Atlantic Canada.

Kelly Galloway, P.Eng. and Ben Smith, Chair, Village of Victoria, receive their awards at the 2011 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards in Victoria, British Columbia.

ETC President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng. and Ben Smith, Village of Victoria PEI, receive their awards at the 2011 FCM Sustainable Communities Awards in Victoria, British Columbia. Presented by FCM president, Hans Cunningham.

ETC and our projects have been the recipient of multiple awards at the provincial and national level for excellence in engineering and sustainable design. ETC has a reputation as an innovative firm which does not hesitate to depart from traditional engineering approaches when there is a better solution.

ETC’s areas of consulting activity encompass all aspects of decentralized wastewater management including:

We have also developed considerable expertise in the areas of:

  • technologies for rural wastewater management which are more appropriate, and affordable to install and operate than conventional “big city / big pipe” systems.

CJNC Sewage System Schematickelly holding bottle clear effluent_300dpi

  • land-based effluent dispersal (LBED) systems,

high-res-Drip-Irrigation-Fieldchamber-installation (800x600)

  • alternative sewer collection systems (STEG/STEP collection systems)


ETC works on projects throughout the Maritime provinces, and is registered to practice engineering in PEI, NB and NS.

ETC has consulted to the NB Department of Health and, as a subconsultant, to the BC Ministry of Environment, on technical and policy aspects of their guidelines and regulations.

We have also developed and delivered training courses and seminars to installers, regulators and engineers on various topics related to decentralized wastewater management.

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