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Kelly Galloway, P.Eng.

President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng.

Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC) is an award-winning engineering consulting firm and manufacturer of unique electronic devices and systems for the environmental sector. The company is based in Stratford, Prince Edward Island (PE), Canada.

ETC was founded in 1996 by President, Kelly Galloway, P.Eng., specializing in decentralized approaches to wastewater management.

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Our Vision

The vision of ETC and its subsidiary companies is:

“Sustainable and cost effective decentralized wastewater servicing for rural communities and developments”.

Q. What do we do?

ETC specializes in the design of on-site sewage treatment systems for rural communities and developments, and in wastewater management methods and technologies which are more appropriate and affordable for rural areas than traditional “big city – big pipe” approaches.

Q. Why are our services important to our clients?

Because the unique wastewater management needs of rural areas are often better served by our alternative collection, treatment and effluent dispersal techniques, and most civil and muncipal engineers are not well versed in these decentralized options.

Q. What does our typical client look like?

  • Rural communities and private sector Owners who need an on-site sewage system that will be reliable, affordable to install, and affordable to operate by part-time personnel with basic training.
  • Rural developers who are having difficulty getting the required permits, and would benefit from our specialized expertise and award winning, green reputation to accelerate the approvals process.

Company Structure

ETC has two divisions: an Environmental Consulting Services Division and an Electronics/Manufacturing Division (Dynamic Monitors).

The Environmental Consulting Division provides award-winning solutions to municipal, governmental and private sector clients throughout Atlantic Canada.

ETC and our projects have been the recipient of multiple awards at the provincial and national level for excellence in engineering and sustainable design. ETC has a reputation as an innovative firm who does not hesitate to depart from traditional engineering approaches when there is a better solution.

ETC’s areas of consulting activity encompass all aspects related to decentralized wastewater management including: planning and design of on-site sewage systems, soils investigations, on-site sewage assessments, comprehensive water and wastewater planning studies for rural communities, development of policies and technical guidelines and training.

ETC works on decentralized design projects throughout the Maritime provinces, and is registered to practice engineering in PEI, NB and NS.

ETC has consulted to the NB Department of Health and to the BC Ministry of Environment on technical and policy aspects of their guidelines and regulations.

We have developed and delivered training courses and seminars to installers, regulators and engineers on various topics related to decentralized wastewater management.

Innovative Products

In recent years, ETC identified several technology gaps in the decentralized wastewater industry which were in need of a solution. Through our Electronics/Manufacturing Division (Dynamic Monitors), we have embarked on a mission to design and develop specialized electronic monitoring devices to make on-site sewage systems more effective, affordable and easier to maintain.

ETC’s Electronics/Manufacturing Division also provides product development services to external clients offering consulting, hardware and software design, through to complete turn-key manufacturing.

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